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Nayf, 22

Syrian refugee from Homs, now living in Jordan

It was a Friday and every Friday we organised a protest. We [volunteers of the Free Syrian Army] were protecting the protestors from the army. There were 15 of us and we had kalashnikovs. The protestors began to move from one area to another and we heard that a Syrian army bus was on the way. Eventually the bus arrived. It stopped beside the protestors and opened fire, 14 people were shot. I was hit twice in the leg. I fell down and a brother who tried to help me was also shot. We were far from our brothers, but one threw a rope to me and pulled us to safety.

In Syria it is better to die than be injured, there is no help there. In the hospital the doctors put children in the garbage bins to hide them from the Syrian army when they came to look for injured people. I was assisted by the FSA (Free Syrian Army) to get to Jordan. It was very difficult, there were 60 of us including women and children and seven injured. We had to walk the last 2km, until the Jordanian army met us. I was carried by different people. After four days I went to the hospital in Irbid and the doctor removed the bullet and fixed the bone.

Once my leg is better I will return to Syria. There are not enough provisions for all the refugees here now. I die 1,000 times when I hear the news from Syria. I have no future if the regime stays; it is the same for all of us. You hear of the numbers killed but you don't see them, that is a horrible thing that we deal with alone.